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By the early 1990's Seka's mail-order business was fading, and she admitted to being "tired of competing with the younger strippers."
In 1993 she made what became her final porn film, entitled 'American Garter'. The film received a lot of exposure both in the adult industry and the mainstream media. The end result, however, was a massive disappointment. 'American Garter' was a well made movie, but it lacked eroticism. More importantly, Seka had lost the curvaceous figure that had made her famous. Although only 39 at the time, Seka, unlike other porn stars such as Annette Haven, Nina Hartley or Ginger Lynn, had been unable to retain her looks. No matter how well a movie is made, the porn industry is based on how good the actress looks on film. Not only did Seka now look overweight and middle-aged, she also lacked any sense of enthusiasm when it came to on-screen sex. She only appeared in two scenes throughout the entire film, neither of which lit up the screen.
Seka later admitted that: "The plain fact was that I had reached a plateau that terrifies every woman in the film business, inside or outside porn: I was 40! I have to admit it - I slept a great deal during this period, lost some of my youthful shape. I had no interest in how I looked. Can it be any plainer that I had sunk into a funk? Then - a phone call that made enormous changes in my life. I was sleeping, as usual, and the phone was blaring. Thinking it might be some takeout food, I picked up the receiver. 'Hello?' I mumbled, glancing over at the clock; it was before noon - an ungodly hour! This had better be good. It was. Kevin Matthews, that darling, irresistibly funny boy-man terror of the airwaves, was dialling me up for my opinion on something or other. I can't really remember what it was - and who cares anyway? Matthews, at that time the ratings winner for the Loop, one of Chicago's most popular radio stations, was calling me! The calls continued to come in on a semi-regular basis, until one day Matthews proposed that I, Seka, have my own talk show. I said, 'Well, get me one.' Not long after that, the station's executives called. They were serious! I certainly can't sit in front of a microphone and talk about nuclear science. I'm not a brain surgeon or anything. So we decided to go with sex as the topic, with Stan Lawrence, a gifted professional with extensive radio credentials, set to be my co-host. There isn't an issue we won't discuss - and as long as we use clinical terminology, the FCC stays off our backs. We have done shows on straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, piercing. We cover all the holidays. We've talked to strippers, sports guys, Lou Rawls. I almost had Penn Gillette talked into piercing his scrotum, but Tony Fitzpatrick, another guest, wouldn't let him. But I did get to spank Penn. He also spanked me: I figure that, if I'm going to ask somebody else to do it, I have to be willing to do it, too. The show has a four-hour slot on Saturday nights, and the first night was the longest of my life!"
Nevertheless, after the failure of her last porn film, the new radio show thrust Seka back into the spotlight.
Although Seka has not made a porn film since 'American Garter', back in 1993, she still denies that she has retired from the industry.
"They just won't pay me what I want. They either got to pay me a lot or I won't do it. It's that simple."
Following the public and critical reaction to her last movie, however, it seems unlikely that she will ever be offered the $100,000 fee it is rumoured that she is asking for. Although she still keeps up with some of what is going on in the adult business, she admits that the industry has changed enormously since her heyday.
"There's no individuality anymore. A lot of the girls look like they come out of cookie cutters. All the guys look the same and there's no personality. All the girls have big boobs, are blonde, have a little waist and butt, and tattoos… You watch one, you have watched them all."
Unlike other porn stars such as Traci Lords, Linda Lovelace or Stacey Donovan, Seka never turned against the adult industry or denied her past. When asked if she had any regrets about being a porn star she replied: "Absolutely not. None. Regrets mean you would do things differently with your life. And if you do things differently, you wouldn't be the same person who you are today. And I happen to like who I am. I've had bad days, like everyone else. But overall it was a very positive experience. I still get letters from people telling me how I got them through adolescence, or loneliness, or just brought a touch of fantasy to their lives. I'd still be doing it if I could, but times have changed. It's really rough out there in the sexual world. You can die now. You don't get a shot in the rear end and get it taken care of."
Seka also has little time for anti-porn feminists that accuse her of being brainwashed by the patriarchy, dismissively claiming: "What do you expect from people like that? Most of them don't even know what an orgasm is! Real pornography is maliciously taking advantage of someone who is in a very vulnerable position mentally or physically or financially. To me, that's pornographic, not two consenting adults experiencing the sexual avenue of their own choice."
If Marilyn Chambers and Annette Haven were the superstars of porn during the early to late 1970's, then Seka dominated the scene during the early 1980's. She became one of the most recognisable and well-known porn stars ever to pass through the industry and her films remain popular to this day. Unlike other women that became involved in the industry at the time though,
Seka did not go to California hoping to become a mainstream actress, or to rebel against social taboos and morals. When compared to Annette Haven or Samantha Fox she was a poor actress, and she lacked the education of other contemporaries such as Veronica Hart. Her sole aim was to enter the sex industry and become a major porn star. Dorothy Hundley Patton achieved this by re-inventing herself as the sex-siren Seka, the Platinum Princess of Porn. She maintained her position within the industry simply by exploiting her beautiful figure and face and by her sheer lack of inhibitions in front of the camera. Later porn stars would often use her as a role model.
Amber Lynn once said: "My all time idol, from way back, is Seka. She is the most amazing looking, beautiful, classy woman that I personally have met in the industry."
Danielle claimed: "Seka was one of the first pretty blonde girls willing to fuck in front of the whole wide world. I only had the singular name 'Danielle' because Bobby Hollander wanted to fashion me after Seka."
Despite her reputation as a sexually liberated porn star, Seka's private attitude towards sex has always been quite conservative.
"A lot of touching, foreplay and tenderness turns me on. Really making love to the person without fucking them. Love them first, fuck them later. What turns me on is a man's attitude towards sex, towards a person, a situation. Gentleness. If they're thinking 'Well this is just another piece of meat', I'm not interested. Because I'm not just another piece of meat. We're all individuals. We're all people. If you're going to have sex with someone it should be more mental than physical. To me the mental aspect gets me off physically."
Nevertheless, she understood that successful porn involved a sexually liberated woman and "a hard, throbbing wet cock. No one wants to see a half-ass limp cock." Porn is physical, and this is exactly what her creation 'Seka' excelled at.
According to Margold, "Seka was born hot. There have only been a few who have that ingredient of being born hot. If that's there, then they could become a forest fire on screen. If the flame isn't there, we could put a few fireplaces but they're not gonna burn down any buildings."
Jamie Gillis, who performed with Seka in numerous films, believed that she was "a cross between royalty and white trash. Like with Marilyn Chambers, who went from Ivory Soap box girl to porno. There was something especially naughty about it because she was such a good girl doing bad things."
Others, however, such as Johnston Rhodes, a freelance writer for X-Star Review, merely put it down to good marketing and professionalism. "She was very good at sex and a real pro at marketing, and that's why she became so big in the adult film business."
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